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Featured Clients - neomatrixtech.com

Featured Clients

  • Cigna Group Insurance
    Migration of Mainframe B2B solution to Microsoft SOA solution (2009)
    Implemented a solution to the heavy time and cost barriers to on-boarding a new client. Success criteria included transfer of ownership of the on boarding process to the business from IT. Prior system utilized mainframe application and had its enrollment rules in several different places. We replaced the old system with scalable enterprise solution with a centralized rules store and abstracted simplified mapping for the business.
  • BP (Gulf of Mexico)
    Disaster Management Software Solution(2008)
    Integrating BizTalk with Map quest, for coordinate employee locations, while utilizing SharePoint 2007 as a front end we were able to deliver an enterprise solution to BP GOM’s disaster management solution stack. Our solution was utilized quite successfully during the unfortunate Gulf of Mexico environmental disaster in 2010.
  • Exxon Mobil
    Upstream Online Data Transaction System (2005)
    Designed and developed dynamic workflow solution where users have the ability to create workflow at run time.  Implemented solution with Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and BizTalk 2006 where WF activities were implemented as SOA BizTalk orchestrations.
  • Trion Group
    B2B Health & Benefits  System (2011)
    Developed automated B2B and BPM solution for Trion’s benefits administration services.The previous system required 1 employee to maintain every 5 trading partners. Delivered loosely coupled BPM layer which allowed for flexible deployment of additional services with minimal changes to code.
  • EPCO
    BizTalk 2004 to 2006 Platform Migration (2006)
    Migrated EPCO’s 100+ interfaces from BizTalk 2004 single server platform to BizTalk 2006 fault tolerant, high availability environment in record time.
  • Genex
    BizTalk 2009 Mentoring (2010)
    Built internal competency and mentored team of 10 developers to successfully implement several BizTalk EDI solutions.