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Cloud Computing Services - neomatrixtech.com

Cloud Computing Services


ü  Managed B2B Services

We are one of the few firms in the B2B cloud computing space. We offer low entry costs to getting online with your trading partners. Imagine a worry free enterprise solution with all the reporting without the support, infrastructure and software costs. We make it possible at an affordable cost especially for small and midsize companies who don’t have an integration team. Through our use of BizTalk and AppFabric we support many standard industry formats (EDI, PIDX, CIDX, HR Xml etc) and will work with you to develop a non standard format if necessary. Our state of the art dashboards will allow you visibility to your transmissions as well as export standard reports.


ü  Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Solutions

For most growing businesses managing a disaster recovery data center is not feasible. Many companies live with the risk of significant downtimes due to inability to afford a disaster recovery process. Utilizing windows azure we can not only help back up and recover your data we can fashion hybrid services (combination of cloud and on-premise) that ensure you achieve up to 99% uptime.


ü  Cloud Management Services (Private or Public)

New to cloud computing? Or you simply want a worry free cloud environment. We have a worry free model that works for you and allows a flexible pay as you go model well suited for cloud computing. We will administer your cloud offerings from deployments to updates and beyond. We will help analyze your utilization and scale up and down as necessary to ensure you maximize the cost benefits of the cloud.


ü  On Premise to Cloud Migration Services

Need to move on premise applications to the cloud? We can help. We will analyze your current applications and make the necessary changes to ensure they run on the cloud. We will also help tune your applications to the cost paradigm of your cloud provider.

For more information contact our Cloud Computing Team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.